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Selling a home isn't just about the interior features; the exterior is your first impression. In the scenic North of Boston, where the charm of the seasons captivates everyone, your property's landscape plays a crucial role in attracting buyers. A well-maintained landscape can even boost your home's value. Here, we explore how to DIY landscape your property for sale across all four seasons—Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall.

Summer: Beat the Heat with Green

Lawn Care
: The lawn is the centerpiece of any summer landscape. Keep it mowed to a height of 3 inches to avoid stressing the grass. Fertilize with a high-nitrogen mix to keep it green and lush. Consider adding a sprinkler system if you don't have one.
Flower Beds: Opt for perennial plants that can survive the fluctuating temperatures. Consider sunflowers, lavender, and marigolds, which also add a pop of color.

Tree Trimming: Summer is a good time to assess tree health. Prune away dead limbs and consider planting new trees in strategic spots for shade.
Water Features: A small pond or a fountain can be an excellent addition for aesthetic and functional reasons, helping to keep the area cool.

Fall: A Symphony of Colors

Leaf Management: The colorful leaves, while beautiful, can become a nuisance. Regular raking is essential not only for aesthetics but also for lawn health.
Autumn Plants: Choose plants like Chrysanthemums and asters that bloom in fall to keep your garden colorful.

Winter Prep: Apply winter fertilizer and pre-emergent herbicides to prepare your lawn for the coming cold.

Decor: Adding autumn-themed decor like pumpkins and hay can make your property more appealing.

Winter: Snowscapes and Curb Appeal

Snow Removal
: Keep your driveways and paths clear of snow. Slippery surfaces are dangerous and can deter potential buyers.

Winter Plants: Go for evergreens like junipers and pines. They stay green all year and can withstand the snow.

Lighting: Due to shorter days, proper lighting is essential. Consider pathway lights and perhaps a spotlight to feature a particular landscape element.
Winter Decor: A tasteful wreath on the door or some simple white LED lights can make your home appear warm and inviting, even in the chill.

Spring: New Beginnings

Spring Cleanup
: Remove any winter kill, clear away leaves, and prepare your beds for planting.

Lawn Revival: Spring is the best time to overseed your lawn to fill in bare patches. Use a balanced fertilizer to aid in strong root development.
Spring Blooms: Consider flowers that bloom in spring like daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths. Their vibrant colors signal the arrival of warmer days.

Tree and Shrub Care: Early spring is the ideal time to prune most trees and shrubs. Remove any dead or diseased branches and shape them for the coming growing season.

Wrapping Up


Your property's landscape is a powerful selling point, especially in a region as naturally beautiful as the North of Boston. Investing time in DIY landscaping can greatly enhance your home's appeal and could be the difference that makes a potential buyer fall in love with your property. As you've seen, each season offers its own set of opportunities for improving your landscape and thereby increasing the chances of a successful sale. So roll up those sleeves and get gardening!


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