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We have been selling real estate North of Boston, in Essex County on the North Shore for well over 30 years – We are seasoned and experienced REALTORS.  So how do we  translate that into today’s environment ?

In the beginning… there was a time when our job was to provide you, the client with information. Such as what’s on the market, what’s the pricing of similar homes, etc. and this is how real estate was done for years!

However, that is NOT how real estate is done now…   Beginning in the 1990 and the internet, everything we use to know changed dramatically!  Our customers now have access to the exact same information we do—so providing that information is no longer of value.  Our customers already have the information, so what they now need from us is to analyze that information for them.

Our job is understand, analyze, and to use the information to help our customers realize the best outcome for themselves.  We can still set you up…to receive alerts hourly, but that is only the start of what we can do for you.  Here is what we will do for you:

*  Analyze all the available information

*  Connect the dots and let you know if now is a good time to buy or the right time to sell

*  Take the time to explain your options in terms of how it will affect you.

We have the skills to navigate you through the landmines of real estate.  This is where we separate ourselves from our competition.

Think about it in these terms did Web MD put doctors out of business?  Of course not!  Information is readily available; however, without context or understanding it can causes confusion.  And that is when we step in…for the analysis of the information you have, we look at your unique situation, and with our 30+ years of experience we offer you expert advice.   
You don’t hire us to discuss what you already know, you hire us for the expert advice.

What is expert Advice?

Providing Expert advice doesn’t mean you provide PERFECT Advice.

Expert advice is Excellent Advice.

Our role as REALTORS is similar to the role of the doctor and lawyer.  We cannot give buyers and sellers perfect advice mainly because we don’t know the future and what is going to happen.  However we can give you excellent advice based on the information and situation at hand.  We can guide you through the process and help you make the necessary changes along the way realize your goals. 

Our advice will inspire confidence and certainty and take away any concerns.  The best part is that we can simply and effectively communicate what is truly happening in the market and why it is happening and how it affects you.  We can provide you with the knowledge so you can determine the next steps to take, knowing they are well-educated steps which can lead you to your ultimate goals… that is best for you and your family. 

Call The Militello Team today and put our 30 plus years
of experience to work for you.


Joseph Militello (978) 815-3877
Kathleen Militello (978) 500-1480
Vice President of J Barrett & Company

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