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DIY painting can open up rooms, heighten ceilings, and aid transition from one space to another. Here are four painting tricks that can make your home look more spacious:

1. Add Ceiling Height


A low ceiling makes a room feel closed-in, but you can create an illusion of height with paint. Painting your ceiling a slightly lighter color than the walls will give your ceiling a heightened look. Start the lighter color a few inches down the wall as a trim to enhance the feeling of taller ceilings.

2. Refresh the Trim


If the wood around your floors and ceilings has never been painted or looks dingy, a fresh coat of paint can open up an entire room or hallway. Pick a color that is a shade lighter than your walls for baseboards and crown molding. A darker color can seemingly shrink space by bringing attention to the edges of a room.

3. Give Your Doors a Face-lift


Doors painted in dark colors cut off spaces and can overdefine areas in your home. If the internal doors in your home are a dark color, a coat of light paint can blend the doors with the rest of your home, which will create a better visual flow. Matching up your walls and doors within the same light color scheme will make your home feel more spacious.

4. Paint an Accent Wall


Paint is also great for defining spaces. If areas in your home tend to run together, you can break up space with creative painting. Choose a smaller wall, either in a hallway or flow-through area, and pick a bold color to define the specific space. An accent wall will break up areas that seemingly run into one another and give separate areas their own distinct feeling.

Creative painting techniques are a great way to update the interior of your home on a budget. If your home needs an upgrade, a fresh coat of paint with space-expanding tricks will work wonders.

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